Gala Darling Presents: Birthday Girl Shoes!

27. October 2010

We're excited to announce our newest blog partnership with Gala Darling. We posted about her and her crazy creation in our Work In Progress series a couple weeks ago.

Well, now the shoes are live in our store - and Gala filmed a nice little diddy to welcome it. Check it out!

Gala Darling! from yumna on Vimeo.

Ready to party? Get your Birthday Girl shoes now!

New Styles - Get Cozy & Chic With KnitLit Boots

25. October 2010

A new shoe!

We want to introduce several new additions to our store! First off, this spectacular boot - just in time for winter!

Designed by Kate of Knitlit, the boot borrows from the fair-isle knit sweater and scarf trend and delivers quite a cozy chic look. She decided to pair the knit detail with a 4-inch suede boot that featured criss-cross straps. So she submitted these two photos:

And this is what we created for her. Behold, the KnitLit Boot!

Perfect for the fall and winter, this boot can really be worn everywhere - to work, for drinks, and even apple-picking, which is something we've been trying to do before the season ends. (Honestly, what makes for better photographs than a backdrop of fall foliage and bright red apples?)

Here's what Kate had to say about the result.

"this morning, i received another email with six views of my boot! how cool is that! even in the black colorway, i must say, i am smitten. they say you never forget your first. so true." - Knit Lit Kate

Make sure to check out her post "Knitlit: It's a blog and now, it's also a SHOE"

What do you think of the KnitLit? You can purchase it from our store right now.

What tweaks (if any) would you make? Does this inspire you to consider a different design altogether? Let us know in the comments below.


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TrendSourcing: Red Zone

14. October 2010

The light, airy colors of summer have long since faded to the back of the closet. The cold and rain (ugh, the rain!) mean deep, dark, warm colors.

After scouring the Interwebs, we couldn't help but notice a strong affinity for blood red. We first noticed this trend at Little Plastic Horses - check it out:

Little Plastic Roses

This inspired us to go searching for more - and it wasn't hard to find. Skirts, sweaters, jackets, overcoats, even dark red lipstick, people seem to be hooked on blood red.

Here's our Red Zone moodboard.

Mr. Street Peeper

The Sartorialist

French Frosting

What are your favorite cozy colors? Let us know in the comments below.



Work In Progress: Lace-Up Flat Boots

12. October 2010

This week's Work In Progress installment is a perfect testament to how serious we are: If you can dream it, we can make it. And we will follow your instructions to the letter to ensure that you receive exactly what you want.

The design was a creative combination of two different shoes already on the market. To show you how one person chose to convey her idea, we're just going to publish what she submitted. Voila!

"I want the boot to be knee-high with the lace-up look. I DON'T want a zipper though. I want it to be a fully functioning lace-up boot. That way, I can have it fit my calf perfectly no matter if I'm just wearing tights or I'm wearing thick and very bulky socks. I don't like the suede leather though, which is where the second picture comes in. I would like the boot to have virtually no heel."

"I would like the boot to have this finish to the leather. The kind of...old and worn leather. I shy away from distressed because I know that usually means it has different types of tools used to make it look worn, but I would like it not to be shiny and new looking. I want it to have a matte finish. If possible, I would like the top three grommets used on this boot to be used throughout the made boot."

Clear, concise and specific - made our job easy! Here's her sample creation:

Fashion Nirvana, right? And keep in mind, you can submit your design ideas however you feel most comfortable. We accept sketches, plain text, or even something like this.

Before we produce a sample, we'll double-check with you via email that we completely understand what it is you want. Then we'll send you photos (exactly like these, actually) of your creation for approval. If it's to your liking, then we can get to work on specific colors and details.

(Of course, if it's not to your liking, then we fix it. Period.)

So what do you think of these lace-up flat boots? Tell us in the comments below. Expect to see it available in our store soon.


Work In Progress

TrendSourcing: The Leaves Are Changing

4. October 2010

On the East Coast, it seems we've skipped right over fall and moved straight to winter. Which means crisp air, layered looks, and - of course - boots.

In this edition of TrendSourcing, we catalogue how our favorite bloggers dress up as the temperature heads down. This week, fashion inspiration came thanks to Studded Hearts, Sea of Shoes, Because I'm Addicted and The Haute Pursuit.

First up, Yenny from Studded Hearts. She always puts together such beautiful photo collages.

Jane from Sea of Shoes rocks a big hat and big necklace along with her big, cozy coat. And check out her shoe selection behind her in the first picture!

Now for the rest:

Because I'm Addicted

The Haute Pursuit

The Sartorialist

Are you ready for fall yet? How are you preparing?

And what shoes will you wear!?



Work In Progress: Hybrid Heel

27. September 2010

The latest feature in our Work In Progress series is a unique hybrid - part Minnetonka moccasin, part stiletto heel.

To get a sense of this process and how truly easy it is for anyone to create anything they want, just take a look at what this shoe designer submitted to convey her wishes.

Something like this (plus some text description) is all we need to get started.

She simply said, "I'd like the shoe on the left, but give it a more rounded toe like the middle pump and the skinny heel from the shoe on the right."

After speaking with Jeff himself to ensure we were on the same page regarding her desired design, we got to work. And the result is truly something else. Check it out.

When you create your own shoe, these six images are exactly what we send to you for review, revision and approval. This is so we can make any necessary tweaks to perfect your design before shipping it to your doorstep.

What do you think about this hybrid heel? What do you love? What would you change?

Expect this shoe in our store within the next week to 10 days. If you want to claim your pair now, please just send a note with subject line 'Work In Progress' to


Work In Progress

TrendSourcing: Animal Print

17. September 2010

This week on TrendSourcing, we're tackling the trend that seems to be everywhere right now: animal print, specifically leopard print.

And when we say everywhere, we're not just talking about shoes. Here are a few fierce animal print looks from Fashion Squad, Because I'm Addicted, and Dulce Candy, Sea of Shoes and Karla's Closet.

Fashion Squad

Because I'm Addicted

Dulce Candy

Sea Of Shoes

Karla's Closet

Okay, so Karla's shoes might not be animal print per se, but they're awesome nonetheless. :)

Here are some more fantastic looks inspired by this trend, courtesy of

What do you think about animal print? It's a look that's always coming in and out of style. What spurred this latest swell in popularity?

P.S. If you haven't seen them yet, check out Gala Darling's ferocious pink leopard wedges, which are still a work in progress but slated to debut in our store soon.

P.P.S. Happy belated birthday to two of our favorites, Gala and Karla!


TrendSourcing | TrendSourcing

Work In Progress: Wildcat

16. September 2010

Very exciting news! We are currently developing an incredible, one-of-a-kind shoe for Gala Darling. We had the chance to meet her at IFBcon at the start of fashion week, and she is a tremendous personality with stand-out style. See for yourself.

Okay, so that last one is just something one of her devoted fan's created. Which only makes it that more awesome!

Anyway, this radical inspiration is also something of a shoe genius. As soon as she asked to use pink leopard print, I knew her creation would not disappoint. Behold, the first images of this work in progress.

Gala Darling Gala Darling Gala Darling Gala Darling

Gala asked if we could make the soles pink instead of natural color. Of course, that is literally our DNA. You desire it. We make it.

This shoe will be available in the store very soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime, tell us what you think!


Work In Progress

WWD: Democratic Fashion Finds Its Leader

15. September 2010

We're less than two weeks old, and already Women's Wear Daily has written a front page feature including Jeff Silverman. We knew we would grow fast, but this flattered even us. Cate Cocoran wrote a long piece about the consumers' assault on fashion and how our company is the first major player to truly meet (and encourage) their demands. So exciting!

Women's Wear Daily

The article also mentioned Burberry's plan to live-stream their runway show next week to reach a wider, digital audience. But whereas Burberry's CCD Christopher Bailey said the design process should remain in-house, we believe otherwise.

"There's a new sheriff in town - it's called the consumer,” said Silverman. "This project is all about letting the consumer tell you what they want. The industry would say they don't know what they want, and I disagree with that.” (source)

Our favorite line from the piece came when Cate described our Be The Designer tool: "It's almost like sampling music tracks."

Women's Wear Daily

Not sure if we should start making plans to attend next year's VMAs, but someone should tell Lady Gaga and her little monsters that we're ready for her craziest design imaginable. Bring it on!

If you've got a WWD subscription, go check out the full article here.


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Evolving Influence Recap - What A Day!

13. September 2010

Last Thursday, we were happy to sponsor the Evolving Influence conference by Independent Fashion Bloggers. It was very long - 6am to 6pm! - but exciting, wonderful and just-plain-fun day.

Highlights from the event:

• The chance to speak!

We described who we are, what we do, and why we're so passionate to hundreds of influential bloggers in attendance as well as thousands more around the world via live stream. Plus, speaking right before the elegant Susie Bubble meant people were definitely paying extra attention. :)

Really, though, how could you not pay attention!

• The official Jeff Silverman kiosk

We were still running around the night before to get everything ready. A huge awesome sign, brand new business cards (fresh!), a digital photo frame and a tiny candle helped make our booth pretty great, if we dare say.

• The people

We were able to share our story and mission with hundreds of people, virtually all of whom were excited to join what we're building. We must have delivered our pitch a bajillion times (at least), but it never became rote. It’s so great to be passionate and believe in what you do. When it's your job, that's even better!

• The winners

Jeff Silverman held its first ever giveaway. We received around 350 entries for our Twitter-only contest, with some winners hailing from Germany, Romania and New Zealand. Fifty people at the event won free shoes or handbag, while 50 people online won half-off shoes or handbag.

• Our video

Check us out:

Another big thanks to Jennine and IFB for an amazing event filled with wonderful people and lots of new friends. :)

It was so wonderful to receive such an overwhelmingly positive response! A fantastic first event for our brand new company! We can’t wait to see and share new designs with you! Let’s get started!